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We are a software house that combines business goals, user needs and technology. Thanks to that we provide business rationalizing solutions.

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Our dedicated systems are based on the original ISOPS framework that we have been developing since 2008. Currently it is in version 3.2. The system is fully responsive so it can be comfortably operated on all types of screens - from mobile devices to 4K monitors. Our systems are characterized by a user-friendly interface. The ISOPS framework has a translation module, so you can implement an unlimited number of language versions.

Custom-made software allows you to optimize processes inside your company and between contractors. By creating a dedicated system, we are able to take into account 100% of your company's business needs and goals. The most important advantages of our solution:

  • tailor-made software is better adapted to the individual needs of users
  • the possibility of unlimited expansion and integration with other solutions
  • automation of business processes and their optimization
  • the ability to implement and run specific system elements step by step
  • dedicated systems have our constant support
  • they ensure better protection of the company against external attacks
  • they are more modern, we care that they exceed the standards used on the market

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Let's get to know each other

Let's get to know each other

Our message

We focus on partner relations in business. Thanks to them we can create astonishing products.

We are a Software House located in Gdynia, but operating globally. In relations with our clients, we focus on partnership and dialogue. We develop solutions that eliminate problems and help achieve business goals.

We specialize in unconventional solutions

At the beginning of the project, we discuss the needs, gather the requirements and define the problems that have to be solved. Then together we set goals for the project to achieve. When we have clearly defined issues, our team uses modern technologies to develop and implement solutions that go beyond the usual patterns to improve your business.

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we are available to our clients, partners and friends with whom over 100 projects with over 4,000 tasks have been completed.


the companies have cooperated with us since the beginning of our activity on the market.


customers are satisfied with our services. We could not contact the other 2%. ;-)


of our customers are from recommendations.


We are looking for people who will join our team and help us create a new - better world

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Contact me, present your vision. We will discuss the details at a meeting. After that I will give you an optimal proposal on how to implement your idea.
Dominik Kaczmar

Dominik Kaczmar

Project manager

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